Micro Loan

In order to improve your standard of living, and your lifestyle, i.e. Laptop, Phone, Motorbike. Please refer to Prime MF for your capital needs.

Prime MF provides micro loan as individual:

  • Currency type in USD
  • Loan term  up to 12-month
  • Loan size up to 500 USD
  • Negotiable interest rate
  • Monthly repayment


  • No collateral required, but need copy
  • Have guarantor or co-borrower
  • Loan less than or equal 300 USD is not required to sign by local authority.
  • Have permanent address in our operational area.


  • Identity card (ID) and/or Passport
  • Family record book / Residence book
  • Income proof such as employment contract, salary payslip, bank statement, and staff ID card.
  • Others

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