SME Loan

As the economic growth and your business as well, the source of financing is very crucial for your business expansion. Prime MF is the best partner for your financial needs.

Prime MF provides SME loan with the following term and condition:

  • Currency type in USD
  • Loan term  up to 60-month
  • Loan size up to 300,000 USD
  • Negotiable interest rate
  • Monthly repayment
  • Flexible repayment mode.


  • Collateral required
  • Have co-borrower or guarantor
  • Have permanent address in our operational area.


  • Identity card (ID) and/or Passport
  • Family record  book, residence book
  • Income proof such as employment contract, salary payslip, bank statement, and staff ID card.
  • Financial statement
  • Patent
  • Business registration
  • Others

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